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The Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Figure

Posted by Fairelise on  November 14, 2016

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Are you having a hard time finding the perfect wedding dress for you?  Well, a recent article, Choosing the Right Wedding Dress for Your Body Type by Wedding Forward suggests the wedding dress that will match your body type to look gorgeous and elegant on your special day.

Apple-shape body

If you have an apple shape body, opt for a wedding dress that conceals your fuller middle (wider waist and round belly). Choose a gown with a decorative bodice and a

10 Tips for Picking a Wedding Cake

Posted by Fairelise on  November 7, 2016

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A wedding cake is one of the most exciting aspects of every wedding occasion; it’s been part of the tradition that makes the wedding reception complete and glamorous.


A recent article, Things every bride needs to know before shopping for a wedding cake by Earlene Moore discusses the things every bride needs to consider before shopping for a wedding cake.

1. Find reputable bakeries or cake decorators in your area and check for date availability.

2. Determine how much money

A recent article, 10 Things You Can’t Forget to Do the Morning of Your Wedding by Jillian Kramer says the hard part of your wedding planning may be over, but there’s more to the morning of your wedding.


Here’s a list of last-minute to-dos that will make the entire occasion more pleasurable and enjoyable.

Spend time with your parents.

Your big day is theirs, too.  Spend time with them and show how excited and grateful you are.

Let your

Vital Questions When Choosing Your Wedding Venue

Posted by Fairelise on  October 24, 2016

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A recent article, Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue by Denise Martinez discusses the list of questions and tips to help you find the perfect venue for your most special and memorable day, your wedding. Use them as a guide while you’re talking with a site representative or reviewing a site information packet.  wed1 Here are some important details to consider when looking for your wedding venue. 1. Available dates in the month of

Winter Wedding

8 Style Tips for Your Winter Weddings

Posted by Fairelise on  October 20, 2016

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  Are you dreaming of a winter wedding?   A recent article, 26 Ways to Style Your Winter Wedding by Bethany Kosten  says sparkling snowscape, open fires, hot chocolate toasts, twinkling lights, and holiday thrills make winter weddings more exciting, magical, and romantic affairs.

Here are some tips to style your winter wedding event and make your wish come true.

1. Keep warm yet fashionable and gorgeous with your DIY wedding dress – add a wedding sash to your dress with a snowy crystal appliqué or

Wedding Exit

Creative Ideas for Your Wedding Exit

Posted by Fairelise on  June 14, 2016

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Weddings are one of the grandest occasions in our lifetime. A recent article, 23 Creative Wedding Exits by Christina Park says that weddings are  festive and filled with traditions—from walking down the aisle, to the sealing of your vows with a kiss, to the first dance and slicing of cake.

But, there’s one classic must you shouldn’t forget: your wedding exit. Your wedding exit can be as whimsical and romantic as your fabulous wedding gown artistically adorned with beaded trim.

Traditionally, the wedding party showers the